Coasteering Northern Ireland

Coasteering is one of the best water activities around. You don’t require any special skills, other than swimming and in some cases not even that. Feel the freedom and the challenge as you interact with the outstanding beauty of the North Coast.

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For adults and teenagers, a high adrenalin, highly adventurous activity that includes sections of traversing around sea cliffs close to the water as well as short swims, big swims and lots of jumps from the cliffs into the sea. Jumps can be from as low as one foot up to 20 feet! You just pick the height to jump from according to how confident you feel.

Our Coasteering location offers you an opportunity to ease your way into this very rewarding activity. Our guides know the area like the back of their hand and will ensure you have great time.

No two days are the same, so you will want to go again and again!

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Where we do Coasteering

We run our Coasteering sessions from a small idyllic harbour near the Giants Causeway, called Dunseveric. The terrain at this location offers us many different route options, which enables us to tailor the event to suit the group’s needs.

Coasteering Equipment

Not only is this activity great fun and highly addictive, it’s achievable by everyone.This truly is a sport for all.

What you need:
Strong Footwear (training shoes, boots), Swimwear, Towel Sense of adventure

We provide each participant with the following: Wetsuit - Boyancy Aid - Helmet - Wetsuit Socks - Cagoule (wind proof jacket, if required)
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Perfect for: Experience Half Day Or Full Day – Family Fun Events – Team Building Events – Birthday Event

CALL US ON: 028 2177 1340

All outdoor activities carry a certain amount of risk and although we take steps to minimise these risks they may still be present. We carry out a full risk assessment on the activity and location. We choose to use one venue for our Coasteering sessions and know it well. All our jump locations are checked at low tide in May by snorkel and fin. Due to the nature of the activity we don’t allow diving, summersaulting or mid-air rotations. A copy of our risk assessment is available on request.