Mobile Events Northern Ireland

Our mobile events are bespoke to you. Tell us your requirements and we will endeavour to make it happen. We regularly travel all over Northern Ireland for events based in schools and various communities.

Our costing always include insurance, equipment and staffing for the requested activity and our manger can talk you through any specific site requirements for apparatus.

Where is it?
We can bring our mobile events to you. We are happy to travel all over Northern Ireland.

Outdoor Laser Tag
This takes up a space about one quarter the size of a football pitch. We can use natural cover or bring our inflatable bunkers. We have capacity for up to 24 players at a time in this fun and addictive game.

Enquire About Mobile Events

Climbing Wall
Always a great draw to any event the wall is always busy from start to finish. We require flat and level ground with no overhead obstruction (power lines). Although the operating footprint of the wall is small it does require space to manoeuvre into position. The wind direction dictates the way in which the wall will face on the day and in the case of high winds and lightning we may have to postpone or cancel the activity.

This is truly an event for everyone, it attracts both young and old. We do require careful planning when choosing a location for the activity and a site visit may be required.

Team Games
This is a series of energisers and problem solving exercises designed to promote team work and break down barriers within a group. We try to make them light hearted and fun but always encourage friendly competition.

Orienteering reinvented! It’s hard sometimes to get people motivated to read maps. We have developed an event using hand held GPS’s instead of maps. With the introduction of technology people are keen to get involved. We use this as part of our school event