Orienteering Northern Ireland

Orienteering is a competitive sport were small teams are tested on map reading, decision making and team work. There are a number of variations to the activity and we have been developing a number of electronic versions. Ask us about Geoteering or Geocaching.

Where is it?
There are Orienteering courses all over the country. We can run an event in any forest and our Geoteering can be set up anywhere, including in the middle of a city.

Enquire About Orienteering

We provide each participant with the following:

  • Map (per team)
  • GPS Receiver (if Geoteering)
  • Water Proof (if required)

What You Need

  • Trainers or boots
  • Glasses if required
  • Any medication you require

How Long Does It Last
45 min – 2 hours

Great As Part Of

  • Experience Days
  • Team Building Event