Outdoor Laser Tag Northern Ireland

The best way to describe this activity is paint ball without the paint, or the pain for that matter. It’s good clean fun and everyone loves this activity. All Laser guns have unlimited ammo so there is any hidden extra cost.

Each weapon is fitted with a genuine red dot sight and has a range of up to 400 meters. Each tagger has its own unique name and records which opponent has hit you during the game.

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Where we do Outdoor Laser Tag

As there are no moving parts and nothing other than a harmless inferred signal is fired from from the tagger we can run this activity pretty much anywhere. We run this activity as part of our half or full day activity sessions at Garron Point and Watertop Farm, or as part of our mobile unit. There can be an option for a stand-alone activity if you require. Garron Point, Watertop Farm

Outdoor Laser Tag Equipment

We will provide the Laser Tagger, Head Sensor and a coloured bib. It is after all only a game so we use blue and green bibs. This helps discourage too much Ramboness. Tagger – Head Sensor – Bib – Safety

We will give you a full brief on the use of the Laser Taggers at the start of the session, we have 3 main safety rules. No Running – No Hand To Hand Combat – 2 Meter Rule. (you don’t need to be any closer than that)

What you need:
Long Trousers Or Tracksuit Bottoms
Strong Trainers Or Boots

Each game lasts 5 – 10 minutes and we aim to play as many games as we can during your playing time.
Ready for The Challenge of Laser Tag?

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Perfect for: Experience Half Day – Family Fun Events – Team Building Events – Birthday Event – Schools

CALL US ON: 028 2177 1340